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Academic Projects

We assist students on project Research and Developement under the supervision of Industry Experts associated with Techoons.We ensure that students get value based knowledge to accomplish there tasks.


Discussion Forum

A Platform to interact, discuss and share technical knowledge on particular queries, where users of Techoons and other industry expertise give valuable solutions for the open topics.



E-learning one of the self learning hub having various technologies under one roof which helps our user's to gain knowledge. We are also coming up with many more features.

Coming Soon!

Our Mission

Great Things Happen here....

To be an ideal platform providing quality Technical Education,guidance to students in order to tune with the evolving challenges and social needs through a flexible and innovative learning process,enabling the students to excel in their professionals careers with a high degree of integrity and ethical standards.

In the perception of serving Students, Knowledge gainers and Next levels grads with a theme of learn to learn for making a better ecosystem and bridge the gap between students/freshers and IT Professionals.

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